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Acid Black Cherry revealed the 4th present!

Acid Black Cherry started his "THANKS 4 YOU ABC Dream CUP 2011" in March 2011 as a gratitude to the fans who have always supported him and will support him in the future. "THANKS 4 YOU ABC Dream CUP 2011" also means a total of four big presents for the fans. In this one year, he keeps surprising the fans with wonderful gifts, started with free chaku-uta of all of his singles from Shoujo no Inori III to Yes (7 songs total), then the Free Live 2011 which mobilized 40,000 people, and the 3rd present, the free DVD-quality download and free streaming of the Free Live 2011 concert.

Now a year has passed, he finally revealed the 4th present (also the final one) for the fans! He’s currently distributing a song which he wrote before his solo debut as Acid Black Cherry, titled Kimi ga Iru Kara. Thus, he called this song as the 0th single. This song is actually very close and familiar to the Acid Black Cherry fans as he always performs this song live on every concert, LIVE and tour. Yasu said before that Kimi ga Iru Kara would never be recorded because it's a song he wrote for the fans and he wanted the fans to only hear it live, directly from him to them. But for this occasion, Yasu is making this song more special by distributing it as a present to the fans.

You can download the song (WAV, MP3 and M4A format), the cover art and the hand written lyrics here at ABC Dream CUP 2011 official website. There will be unlimited number of downloads until July 20th (23:53 JST). 

Also, check out the comment from Yasu himself regarding this special 0th single. (He recorded this song with Aki ^^)


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