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Hi all,

If anyone's interested, I'm accepting orders for Acid Black Cherry's 4th Season Shangri-La concert goods here (latest by 21st Feb 2014)

Also, if anyone needs help with buying tickets, we can do that here, or if anyone needs help sourcing for limited/out of print CD/DVD/Photobooks/concert goods, we can do that here

Please find our feedback post here and please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Acid Black Cherry will be releasing a new single on August 7th with the title Greed Greed Greed.
Greed Greed Greed is said to be a groovy song that will stimulate all of your five senses.

This song is the first song as a part of his Shangri-la Project which will consist of Acid Black Cherry putting an effort in three simultaneous categories: 1. The release of new songs, 2. Nationwide tours through five separate blocks of Japan, through 5 set spans of time, and 3. Organizing events and opportunities which will allow Acid Black Cherry to interact with fans in each region.

Greed Greed Greed will be the themesong to the MBS・TBS late night horror drama, Akuryo Byoutou (Evil Spirit Hospital) starring Kaho, which will start the airing on July 18th.

Kaho plays the role of a nurse named Runa who is able to see spirits and works at a suburb hospital. Her colleagues start encountering spirits drenched in blood which leads them to wonder if Runa is the cause of the appearance of these spirits. In the midst of these accusations, Runa's ex-classmate Sakai Manami who used to help her when she was ostracised during their junior high days, comes to the hospital where Runa works at which causes a change to the situation.
- Dorama World

The recreation track this time will be Tokunaga Hideaki's 1987 hit, Kagayaki Nagara....

[Single details and pre-order links]【CD+DVD】 Limited Edition
AVCD-32227/B ¥1,680 (tax in)

1. Greed Greed Greed
2. Kagayaki Nagara... [Recreation Track]

1. Greed Greed Greed [music clip]
2. OFF SHOT (approximately 15 minutes duration)

AVCD-32228 ¥1,050 (tax in)

1. Greed Greed Greed
2. Kagayaki Nagara... [Recreation Track]

【Special Price ¥394 Edition (1 song)】 Limited Release
AVCD-32229 ¥394 (tax in)

1. Greed Greed Greed

Pre-order links:
CDJapan: Limited / Regular / Special Price
HMV Japan: Limited / Regular / Special Price

Sources: 1, 2, 3

please check this post for the full 2012 Album Translation.
(--A few Lyrics are missing, but they will be uploaded in a few days.--)

You can find the summary of the Album in this post here:

Comments are love <3


I just started to translate all Lyrics of the new Album "2012".
Today´s first Lyric is "Fallin´ Angel"
Do you want me to do a new post for every new Lyric? Let me know your opinion <3

Please find the Lyrics here: http://hohoemo.blogspot.com/2012/03/acid-black-cherry-fallin-angel.html

In the meanwhile I have some other Lyrics translated as well, check this here and you can find all translated Lyrics of the album so far:

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Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album [2012]

The album theme this time is, “to live”.

Well then, why is it [2012]?

This album is made up of stories with these 3 keywords as the axle,

[Present time]
[Prophecy of the Mayan Calendar]
[Doomsday clock]

don’t give up on livingCollapse )

An album filled with such message from yasu.

We wholeheartedly want this [2012] to reach everyone.

Believe in the future where you exist--.



The artworks for the story telling in this album's booklet are beautiful, just like this album overall.



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10 March 2012 @ 01:17 am

As mentioned earlier, the album details and pre-order links can be found here.

04 March 2012 @ 04:47 pm
01) ~until~
02) Fallin' Angel
03) in the Mirror
04) ピストル (Pisutoru, Pistol)
05) 少女の祈りIII ~『2012』ver.~ (Shoujo no Inori III, A Girl's Prayer III)
06) Re:birth
07) 指輪物語 (Yubiwa Monogatari, Tale of The Ring)
09) ~the day~
10) その日が来るまで (Sono Hi ga Kuru Made, Until The Day Comes)
11) so…Good night.
12) doomsday clock
13) 蝶 (Chou, Butterfly)
14) イエス (Iesu, Yes)
15) シャングリラ (Shangurira, Shangri-La)
16) ~comes~

This has come out for quite a long time but I notice it hasn't been updated here.
If you haven't pre-ordered this album yet, you can go here for the order links.

29 February 2012 @ 02:38 am

hand written lyrics + 0th single cover jacketCollapse )

Acid Black Cherry started his "THANKS 4 YOU ABC Dream CUP 2011" in March 2011 as a gratitude to the fans who have always supported him and will support him in the future. "THANKS 4 YOU ABC Dream CUP 2011" also means a total of four big presents for the fans. In this one year, he keeps surprising the fans with wonderful gifts, started with free chaku-uta of all of his singles from Shoujo no Inori III to Yes (7 songs total), then the Free Live 2011 which mobilized 40,000 people, and the 3rd present, the free DVD-quality download and free streaming of the Free Live 2011 concert.

Now a year has passed, he finally revealed the 4th present (also the final one) for the fans! He’s currently distributing a song which he wrote before his solo debut as Acid Black Cherry, titled Kimi ga Iru Kara. Thus, he called this song as the 0th single. This song is actually very close and familiar to the Acid Black Cherry fans as he always performs this song live on every concert, LIVE and tour. Yasu said before that Kimi ga Iru Kara would never be recorded because it's a song he wrote for the fans and he wanted the fans to only hear it live, directly from him to them. But for this occasion, Yasu is making this song more special by distributing it as a present to the fans.

You can download the song (WAV, MP3 and M4A format), the cover art and the hand written lyrics here at ABC Dream CUP 2011 official website. There will be unlimited number of downloads until July 20th (23:53 JST). 

Also, check out the comment from Yasu himself regarding this special 0th single. (He recorded this song with Aki ^^)

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